Why Choose Constant Engineering?


The decision to form CONSTANT ENGINEERING, Inc. was guided by one principle: client satisfaction. The development of Engineering Design Services' business philosophy was our most important objective in the creation of our firm. We understand it is essential to our success that we are closely aligned with our client’s over-all objectives and our primary goal at CONSTANT ENGINEERING, Inc. is to provide our clientele with a strong sense of security that their project will meet or exceed their expectations and be a success for all involved. We work with our clients to reach a common goal. We treat our clients as part of our team and we make the required sacrifices necessary to insure long-term relationships. Having worked together for years, we believe that the staff of CONSTANT ENGINEERING, Inc. is well prepared and strongly committed to providing the quality services


Create 3D CAD models and drawings.
Create 2D manufacturing drawings.
Documentation for manufacturing.
Design for Manufacturability reviews.
Manufacturing consulting.


Create professional engineering drawings from format such as idea in sketch, scanned PDF files, etc.


We support end-to-end tool design and development for any mechanical equipment, fixtures, gauges, cutting tools, molds, lifting aids, and test equipment. We also provide consultation on selecting the best suitable tooling for specific operation. Our collaboration with premier tool design research institutions enables us to keep track of the latest technologies and trends in tool design. We provide tool design services in:

·         Cutting tool design and selection

·         Inspection gauges

·         Jigs and fixtures design

·         Testing fixtures

·         Assembly simulations



Our manufacturing process planning helps prepare detailed work instructions that enable the production of products and parts. It integrates design and manufacturing functions by converting design specifications into process plans. We also provide process implementation consulting for advanced manufacturing and assembly technologies.